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Brazilian Butt Lift on the Gold Coast

The Brazilian butt lift is a butt enhancement procedure which can help some patients to have a fuller derriere The procedure uses fat from the patient’s body, making it a natural way to shape and enhance your buttocks. In recent years, the Brazilian butt lift has increased in popularity, and now people from all over the world are getting it done.

Most patients who inquire about this procedure have lost weight, causing a change in the shape of their backside or possess sagging, flat, or disproportional buttocks.

Dr Scamp Technique for Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilian butt lift method differs from one cosmetic plastic surgeon to another. The style that your surgeon chooses to use will affect your results as well as how long the results last.

Dr Scamp has been using the same Brazilian butt lift method for more than a decade and has refined his procedure so that you can get the most natural and operable fat reinjected into your backside.

His method includes extracting fat with liposuction from your body and transforming the fat. A general anaesthetic is administered for maximum patient comfort during liposuction. This fat can be taken from anywhere that it is in excess.

This can include common sites, such as the abdomen and thighs. This can be discussed with Dr Scamp during a professional consultation. Once liposuction has been performed, Dr Scamp will then follow micro re-injection of that fat into the buttocks, which ensures long lasting results. Both processes can be performed in one surgery.

The injections are normally into the upper buttocks region, as well as onto the sides. This aims to create a smooth S shape that looks natural for the patient.

Some swelling, bruising and tenderness is common after the procedure. Yet, some movement is recommended to encourage proper circulation. Some downtime will be required while these symptoms subside.

A compression garment will be worn for 2 weeks after surgery to help control swelling. After the surgery, swelling can appear for approximately six weeks, but most of our patients return to regular activity after four weeks and back to work after 2 weeks.

A Brazilian Butt Lift can achieve a more defined and round shape, enhancing the appearance of the bottom. There may be small scars left from on area of the body where liposuction was performed. But, these will fade over time.

It is important to note that this is not a weight loss procedure and results are individual to the patient.

Discuss the Brazilian butt lift with Dr Scamp: Gold Coast

See our renowned plastic surgeon, Dr Terrence Scamp at our beautiful Marina Mirage practice on the Gold Coast.

Dr Scamp will explain the Brazilian butt lift, as well as the risks and recovery time. He will be able to answer all of your questions at your initial consultation at his Gold Coast clinic, as well as provide information regarding other procedures, such as tummy tucks, breast augmentation and others.

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