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Breast Enhancement
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Breast enhancement, also called augmentation mammoplasty, is designed to increase the size of small or underdeveloped breasts. Surgery can also restore and enhance your breast volume if it has decreased as a result of having children or weight loss.

Breast augmentation or mammoplasty, is a surgical procedure that inserts implants into the breasts to restore volume and increase their size, as well as proportionally enhance the appearance of the chest.

This procedure is suitable for women in their mid-twenties and older who have underdeveloped, or unbalanced breasts that they wish to improve and correct. Breast augmentation is also a procedure popular among women looking to achieve a larger or desired look to their breasts & is a common procedure.

The Breast Augmentation Consultation Process

Before the breast augmentation surgery, a patient consultation will be completed to discuss the procedure. This will involve an evaluation by Dr Scamp to decide the right shape and size of the breasts for the patient, as well as the incision method and implants that will be used. There are some accompanying risks involved with undergoing breast augmentation and this will be discussed thoroughly with the patient during the consultation and before surgery.

There are two shapes of breast implants that can be chosen; round and anatomical teardrop shaped implants. The implant that is selected for the patient will depend on the desired size of the breasts and the patient’s body shape, as well as what will produce the best and most natural result.

To insert the implant into your breast during surgery, small incisions will be made into the skin. There are three common incision sites, which are underneath the breast, on your armpit and beneath the areola. The incisions are made where there are natural creases on the skin. This is to minimise visible scarring as a result of breast augmentation. During the consultation, the patient and Dr Scamp will choose the best incision site for implant insertion.

In addition, a pocket has to be created in your breast to hold the implant. The sub glandular placement involves creating a pocket between the chest muscle and the breast tissue, whereas the sub muscular placement inserts the implant into a pocket positioned behind the chest wall muscle. Again, this will be discussed thoroughly at the consultation and the decision will be made depending on the natural shape and size of the breasts, as well as the elasticity of the skin.

The Breast Augmentation Procedure

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that will require the patient going under a general anaesthetic. This will ensure that the patient is not in any pain or discomfort during the surgery. Dr Scamp will create small incisions into the chosen insertion area and create the pocket in the breast that was discussed at the consultation. Once the implant has been inserted and positioned in the breast, the small incisions will be stitched up. From receiving the general anaesthetic to the final stitching, the breast augmentation procedure will last one to two hours in total.

After breast augmentation surgery, it is normal to experience discolouration, swelling and soreness in the breasts and surrounding tissues. This is due to the volume increase that is created by the breast implant and this requires the body to adjust to this change. Pain relief can be issued to ensure minimal discomfort for the patient. A dressing will be applied to the skin where the incisions have been made and it is important to ensure this area is clean to avoid any infections that will delay a healthy recovery. In addition, a special support bra will have to be worn after surgery to protect the breasts and to promote the correct shape while they are healing.

Some downtime and time off is required to promote a successful recovery from breast augmentation, but most patients are able to return to work and normal, light activities within one week of surgery. This can include light exercise, such as walking and using an exercise bike, after two weeks. To ensure a healthy and fast recovery, strenuous and athletic activities that require using your arms should be avoided for up to three weeks. Additionally, chest exercises and using weights should be postponed for up to four weeks. The fully recovery from breast augmentation surgery normally takes between four to six weeks, depending on individual patient circumstances.

The Results of Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation aims to enhance the chest, with the new breasts more aligned with the proportion of your body and being as symmetric as possible.

If you would like to find out more about the breast augmentation procedure and what it can do for you, you can arrange a consultation with Dr Terrence Scamp today by contacting our Brisbane or Gold Coast clinics.

The incision for placement of your implants can be made underneath your breast, around the lower edge of your areola (the pigmented skin surrounding your nipple); or your armpit. A pocket is created for the implant either behind your breast tissue or behind the muscle between your breast and your chest wall.

Recent research has shown that the inframammary incision is associated with the least risk of complications, so this incision is generally preferred.

Following surgery you will have a dressing. There will be some swelling and discolouration that will gradually disappear. You should not engage in vigorous activities, especially using your arms, for up to 3 weeks. You should be able to return to work within a week, sometimes sooner.

Following surgery it is helpful to elevate and gently stretch your arms to reduce muscle tightness. You may start this as soon as you wake up. After surgery you may only exercise gently for 2 weeks (walking, treadmill, exercise bike). At 2 weeks you may exercise more vigorously using your legs, but avoid vigorous chest exercise for 4-6 weeks.

There is a great deal of scientific evidence supporting the long-term safety of breast implants. During your consultation, Dr Scamp will discuss with you the known risks associated with implants. The final shape is a combination of your breast shape and the implants shape. If the breast is small, the shape will largely be that of the implant. Round implants can look a bit more fake, while anatomical (‘’tear drop’’) implants can look more natural.


Dr Scamp will explain the surgical procedure, risks, recovery time and answer all of your questions at your initial consultation at his Gold Coast clinic.

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