Crissi’s Story: Why the Removal of Breast Implants Should Never be Rushed

Crissi’s Story: Why the Removal of Breast Implants Should Never be Rushed

A lot of people may not know this, but breast implants are not considered life-long devices. Though the signs of sagging take a lot longer to appear compared to natural breasts, gravity will eventually have its way with implants too.

It is recommended that implants be replaced every 10-15 years, depending on the patient’s age, health and lifestyle. When the time comes, patient’s can choose to either have the implants replaced or removed completely which is known as explant surgery. Oftentimes, the explant surgery is followed by other procedures such as a realignment or a breast lift which help return the breasts to their pre-implant state. However, to achieve the best results, these procedures should be performed on a step by step basis, allowing the body time to heal after the removal of the implants.

Unfortunately, some surgeons out there will offer what is called an en bloc surgery, promising to perform the explant surgery, realignment and breast lift all at once. I am sure that many other plastic surgeons share our concerns believing that this is considered risky and, as you will see, can have damaging results.

Crissi’s Experience


After ten happy years with her implants originally inserted by Dr Scamp, vegan athlete and restaurateur Crissi decided to undergo an explant surgery as well as a lift to return her body back to its natural figure. As an athlete, Crissi wanted to keep her recovery time down to a minimum and return to exercise as soon as possible.

After much research and deliberation, Crissi found a surgeon who was willing to perform both procedures at once, promising Crissi that she would be back to her athletic activities in no time. She pursued the procedure only to be left disappointed by the results. The en bloc operation did not go as planned, leaving Crissi “deformed” with different sized areolas and painful, puckering scar tissue.

The lift (on the left, pictured above) was ineffective and looked as though it hadn’t been performed at all. Utterly disheartened and unhappy with her results, Crissi knew she had to seek an alternative.

Crissi arranged for a consultation with Dr Scamp, who advised her on what needed to be done to correct the results of the failed surgery, laying out a clear plan of action which involved a total mastopexy reconstructive surgery.

The surgery was deemed a massive success and Crissi is thrilled with the results as you can see with the before and afters below.

The difference is astounding. Rectifying the previous surgeon’s mistakes and performing a total reconstructive surgery, Dr Scamp returned Crissi’s breasts to a natural, and pleasing form and state. Now fully recovered, Crissi is back to her active lifestyle and happier than she thought she could be with her results.

A Word From Dr Terrence Scamp on the Removal of Breast Implants:

Dr Scamp advises any patient who is considering the removal of implants to make sure that they have the correct details of the implants they have so as your consultant can advise you of any risks involved. Your plastic surgeon will also be able to advise how much size you should expect to lose.

“The first thing to do when you’re considering [the] removal of implants is to get the details of the implants you have so that the plastic surgeon you go to knows exactly what you have,” Dr Scamp says. “So he can then advise you of the risks. If he knows the implant size then he can quantitate your overall size with a device such as the VECTRA. He can tell you how much size you are going to lose compared to where you are now”.

“Remember, you might’ve had the implants 15 years ago,” he adds. “None of us are the same as we were 15 years ago. The tissues get older…if you’ve had implants in for 15 years, it’s a bit like you’ve breastfed for that long. You may be lucky and your tissues may shrink back extremely well, but you may not. That’s the hard part. You can’t know that in advance.”

Dr Scamp also advises patients to seek out the opinion of a qualified plastic surgeon, exclaiming the aggressive nature of en bloc surgery.

“I would advise not to put too much faith in the non-expert ‘experts’ that you read on the internet, that advise such things as en bloc capsulectomy, because these are people who mean well but don’t know what harm can result from what’s quite [an] aggressive procedure”.

“The final piece of advice, I would say, is not to be in a rush. If you’ve got to do it step by step, do it step by step. That way your body has a chance to recover,” Dr Scamp concluded.

If you are contemplating the removal of breast implants you can book a one-on-one consultation with Dr Terrence Scamp at his surgery on the Gold Coast today. Simply call direct on (07) 2102 7404 or book online through our appointments page now.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you have the option to seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.⁠ Results may vary.

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