Elective Surgery FAQ

Elective Surgery FAQ

As the new restrictions have been eased under the new Government rules regarding elective surgery, I wanted to provide an update as to what we are now able to proceed with.

We can proceed with Category 2 surgeries and we have put together a detailed FAQ page to answer all your questions regarding the new guidelines around elective surgery.

I hope you are all keeping safe and well during these uncertain times.


Are you still offering consults at this time?


Yes we most definitely are. You can attend an appointment here in the practice or we can arrange a phone consult.


Do I need to implement any precautionary measures due to Covid-19 before I come in for my consult?


Yes .. the health and safety of every team member at the practice of Dr Terrence Scamp and every patient is of the utmost importance and prioritised above anything else. We do ask that if you have travelled overseas in recent times or have been in contact with anyone that has tested positive for Covid-19 that you do not attend an appointment at our practice. We will organise a phone consultation at a suitable time. We do ask that you cover your mouth and nose with a mask, scarf or face covering provided by yourself. We also ask that you wash your hands and use sanitiser that we provide upon arrival. Attending your consult alone is paramount in keeping our numbers to the required minimum.


What safety measures are you implementing to keep me safe while I am at my appointment?


We will perform a temperature check as you enter the foyer to ensure that an unnoticed elevated temperature is not present. We have sanitiser available for patient use and have removed some of our seating in our waiting area so there is a safe 1.5 metre distance between seated patients. We have disposable cups for water, coffee and tea consumption and sanitise every counter, door handle and every potentially touched surface in between patients arriving and departing. All of our staff are trained in the effective preventative treatment of Covid-19 and we will all wear masks and use sanitiser regularly throughout the day.


Are all surgeries going ahead at the moment?


No .. we are able to book some procedures in and we are adhering to all Government announcements and implementing or lifting any restrictions that need to be in place for the health and safety of everyone involved. You will meet with our surgical coordinator either in person or you will receive a detailed email if you opt for a telehealth phone consult, with all the information regarding your specific procedure and potential surgery dates.


Do I need a referral from my GP to see Dr Scamp?


A referral is not necessary however, if your procedure incurs a Medicare item number, we will need a current GP referral on file but don’t worry, you are able to obtain that after your consult appointment.


I have hospital cover with my Health fund, will they cover any costs?


Our surgical coordinator will explain everything to after your consult appointment with Dr Scamp. You will be completely aware as to whether your procedure is Cosmetic or medical and if you would be entitled to any rebates.


My friend had surgery and she had a Medicare Item number and I want the exact same procedure, so will mine be medical as well?


Not necessarily .. until you see Dr Scamp, you will not know what procedure will be recommended for your best aesthetic results. Every single patient is assessed as an individual and certain criteria needs to be met for Medicare Item numbers to be allocated to a procedure. You would leave your consult appointment knowing all of this information, we will answer questions you have and explain everything for you.


My Health Fund said I need an Item number, how do I get that?


After you consult with Dr Scamp, our surgical coordinator will provide you with an Informed Financial Consent Form and explain it thoroughly. If your procedure is eligible for an Item Number, it will be on this form.

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