Men’s Skin Regimes

Men’s Skin Regimes

BY Dr Terrence Scamp

Men are different.

“Tell me about it!” I can hear every mother, wife and girlfriend say. We react differently to most of life’s circumstances, so not surprisingly we view facial ageing and Plastic Surgery in a different way too.

Whilst we may not be prepared to spend forty-five minutes of our day in a skin preserving ritual, we don’t really want to walk around with the scars that we see our workmates carrying, Nor do we really want to have that parched roughen skin that looks like you could strike a match on it.

In addition life places different demands on our skin. Shaving twice a day can be a mixed blessing. Undoubtedly it has a drying effect on the skin but it may be also doing a mini–dermabrasion with potential improvement of the surface of our skin. I’m often struck by the fact that men’s skin is in better condition in the area they shave than elsewhere.
We are prepared to commit a little bit of our time to preserving our skin but it needs to be simple, effective and most of all not obvious. <p>
Modern skin care manufactures such as Medik8 are aware of this and it is not difficult to adjust their skin care range to fit the simpler demands of the male. The Medk8 range is a good example of this. Rather than pontificating and prevaricating about which active ingredient is most likely to improve a specific skin type, Why not put everything you know that works into one bottle and simply put it on twice a day?

Add in a sunblock and a cleanser that’s gentle on the skin and moist enough to shave with and you’ve got a skin care range that’s about as simple as it comes.
Men don’t want anything they do to fight the march of time to be too obvious or require too much downtime. This is not surprising that men have embraced the anti-ageing injectables (the so called “Bro-tox.”) As these very effective treatments can soften those deep lines without an obvious healing time and with rapid treatments that don’t interfere with the more important duties of our day.
However, at a certain age and in certain parts of the face the injectables simply aren’t enough. Then it comes down to what bothers us the most.

In the face in my experience men mostly present seeking improvement to their heavy upper lids and the laxity of their neck skin. Whilst injectables can give a partial improvement to the upper lids where there is a significant brow decent contribution, Upper blepharoplasty is usually the silver bullet for this problem. This is usually done as a day patient, usually under a general anaesthetic because frankly we really don’t want to know about it. It’s about as painless a procedure as one can find and all we really have to do is avoid being spotted with bruising around our eyes for about a week. The lax neck tissues require a little more. Generally this requires a face and neck lift with specific consideration given to what shift in the hair bearing beard skin will result and careful attention to making the scars as inconspicuous as possible. Again a general anaesthetic is required and usually only one night in hospital plus a week or so of lying low. The skin can often be a bit numb after this procedure for a good 6 months, so it might be time to shelve the blade razor and trust the more forgiving action of an electric razor. Again the procedure is not usually painful. (We don’t like pain.) So most often the major issue is how best to disappear without being missed.

Brow lifts in a male are performed less frequently. There are several reasons for this. Firstly even keyhole brow lifts usually rely on hiding the smaller scars in the hair. For those of us with ascending hair lines, this can create technical issues.

In addition, we universally hate the overdone look that we see in males on TV. Keeping up with Kardashians is not something we males plan to do. This is because a low brow generally looks more masculine and over elevated brow could look unnatural and quite frankly very feminine. And believe me we do not want to look feminine.

Where a brow lift is required, careful attention needs to be paid to the hairline and to the shape of the brow to preserve that distinctive flat male configuration that suits us a lot better.
The price of staying in shape and watching what you eat can be seeing the tissues of the face dwindle as one ages. Whilst injectables can help to mask this facial surgery is an excellent opportunity to restore facial volume by use of fat grafting with minimal addition to down time, discomfort or recovery.

Apart from facial ageing I most commonly see males seeking correction of prominent ears or of a poorly shaped or sized nose. Both of these procedures can be performed as a day patient and in general the male of the species will opt for general anaesthetic for both of these.

Again a week or so of downtime is required to conceal our tracks but after that we can proudly sport ears that don’t look like where hailing a cab or a nose that doesn’t cast a long shadow.
Below the shoulders, the most common request for correction of gynecomastia-the excessive growth of breast tissue that can occur as a result of performance enhancing drugs or simply spontaneously for reasons that aren’t clear. Again this is usually corrected under a general anaesthetic as a day patient and the easy camouflage of a t-shirt helps to reduce the downtime here.

Liposuction also is quite popular with men because of its minimal discomfort, rapid recovery and short downtime. The cooler times of the year may be more favourable as compression garments are commonly required to help achieve the desired contour and the best results. The abdomen and flanks are the most common target zones for this procedure as these are the sides where men find it most difficult to shift fat deposits.

So, Yes we are different. Our needs, desires and wants are different too but fortunately modern techniques can help men to fight the march of time with techniques that are more in tune with our requirements and our lifestyle.

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