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We recommend making an appointment to see Dr Terrence Scamp at least four weeks in advance. We are happy to schedule an appointment with less notice depending on the availability of Dr Scamp’s services at the time. If you are planning surgery for a particular time, please ensure to book at least eight weeks in advance to avoid dissappointment.

Prior to any surgery you will be required to see Dr Scamp at two consultations so you may discuss at length the best surgical option for you. After seeing Dr Scamp on both occasions you will then see his patient and surgery co-ordinator to discuss any further details.

Please feel free to ask Dr Scamp and his patient co-ordinator any additional questions at any time. Please make sure prior to having the operation performed that any questions you have are fully discussed with Dr Scamp and his team. Dr Scamp’s team are here to support you with your surgery decisions through your entire journey. After your surgery you will be monitored for a minimum of one year or more if so required by Dr Scamp.

Cancellation Policy:

As a courtesy, if you are unable to make your appointment or surgery booking please call Dr Scamp’s friendly team on 5539 1000 as soon as possible. A cancellation fee may apply.


Parking is available underneath Marina Mirage Shopping Centre and also on the roof top.

Private Entrance:

Due to confidentiality and privacy required for patients our facility provides a private entrance/exit if so desired. Please ask Dr Scamp’s team for directions and you may be escorted if required.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to call 07 5539 1000.


Dr Terrence Scamp and his professional team are here to make your decision for cosmetic plastic surgery an easy decision. Information and knowledge is essential for any patient, so your expectations are well-informed. Should you have any questions or would like to talk to someone please also feel free to call our team on 5539 1000.

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