Recovery Times After Breast Implants

Recovery Times After Breast Implants

Breast augmentation, commonly known as a boob job, is a procedure which enlarges the breast size, adding volume and size to varying degrees. The end result depends on the desires of the individual, agreed in advance with your cosmetic plastic surgeon, Dr Terence Scamp.


Although many women are delighted with the outcome of their breast augmentation it’s important to make sure you understand the whole process before agreeing to go ahead. Breast augmentation is carried out under general anaesthetic and is not considered to be minor surgery.


For this reason, you’ll need to be able to realistically plan for your recovery, including time off work to heal. It’s essential to allow yourself the necessary time to rest following the surgery, both for your own wellbeing and to get the best possible outcome from the boob job.


After Surgery


As mentioned above, boob jobs are carried out under a general anaesthetic and the whole process typically takes one to two hours. The precise length of time can vary depending on the type of augmentation being carried out, the placement of the implants and whether both sides are being enlarged. For example, some women opt for breast augmentation to correct uneven breast sizes rather to increase the cup size overall.


When you come round after the surgery, you will feel very tired and sore. This is completely normal. Painkillers will help to relieve some of the soreness which may persist for up to seven days. For most women, the first 72 hours are the most uncomfortable but is manageable with pain relief. It’s a good idea to prepare to do very little following your surgery by preparing dinners, making sure you have comfortable clothes ready and don’t need to do any urgent household chores (Nuffield Health 2019).


You will also have stitches where the incision was made. This area must be kept clean and dry to prevent any infection. A dressing will be covering the area until it starts to heal.


Most women have around a week off work but if your job is demanding or heavy, you’ll need longer. After one week you can return to light exercise such as walking or using an exercise bike but using your arms for heavy work or athletic activity, or carrying out any kind of strenuous activity should be avoided for three weeks.


You should not use weights or carry out chest exercises for a minimum of four weeks. Full recovery from the surgery typically takes 4-6 weeks so you’ll need to take care of your body and allow it to heal at its own pace during this time.


Getting the Best Results


You won’t be able to appreciate the proper size and shape of your new breasts for some time after your boob job as you will have some swelling and discolouration. You will need to wear a special bra after surgery and will need to continue to wear this for several weeks. Dr Scamp will advise you precisely how long the bra should be worn for but it could be up to three months.


Wearing the special recovery bra enables the breast tissue to be supported while it heals and for your implants to be held in the correct position. It also encourages lymph drainage and circulation.


Although you may be impatient to see your new breasts, you may have to wait a little while. It can take 4-6 months before the optimum results of the breast augmentation are revealed. This is because breast tissue, muscle and skin need to relax following the surgery and the implant needs to settle into position. The exact time it takes depends on many factors, including the size of the implant.


Take Care of Yourself


Getting the optimum result from your breast augmentation does depend in part of following instructions from your cosmetic plastic surgery and allowing your body to heal.

Knowing what to expect in advance can help you to prepare for time off work and lower levels of physical activity. If you’re considering breast augmentation, get in touch with Dr Scamp today for more information and advice. You can Make an Enquiry or Make an Appointment online, or call the clinic on  (07) 5539 1000.




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