What is Lipostructure?

What is Lipostructure?

If you’ve noticed yourself driving home from work in the dark and feeling that little nip in the air at night, well, it’s because it’s winter!

So what’s winter got to do with plastic surgery?  Well, just a little.

Body contouring procedures such as liposculpture and abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) achieve better results if a support garment is worn for about six weeks after the procedure.  There are a bit like a corset, made of strong elastic material that helps to control the swelling and shrink you down to your new hard earned shape.  Predictably they’re a little warm and certainly are a lot more comfortable to wear in June than December.

Liposculpture is very much a day patient procedure these days except in the most extensive of examples.  Although conducted under general anaesthesia, the use of extensive infiltration of long-acting local anaesthetic means that post-operative discomfort is minimal and therefore the procedure is ideal to be performed as a day patient.  The infiltration with local anaesthesia also reduces the bruising and makes for a more rapid recovery.

Liposuction is performed now with much finer instruments than its initial advent in the 80’s.  This makes the skin scars particularly small and the ability to contour the body much more precise and refined.

Liposculpture however relies on good skin elasticity to shrink down to the new shape.  If skin elasticity is poor, for example on the abdomen after multiple pregnancies, then skin shrinkage may not be good and irregularity in the skin surface may be apparent.  Of course the more fat that is removed the more skin has to shrink and the greater this risk.

Abdominoplasty therefore may be required anytime that the shrinkage of abdominal skin has not been good a year or so after pregnancy.  This is a three phase procedure, repairing the muscle wall sheath which has commonly been stretched with pregnancy or excessive weight gain, removing excess skin and restoring a healthy smooth tension to the remaining skin, and removal of the fat below the skin.   It entails a long low scar and a smaller scar around the belly button but the improvements in body contour can be quite dramatic.  Often it is combined with liposuction to the flanks which helps to accentuate a long slender waistline.

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