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Brow Lift (Endoscopic Brow Surgery) Gold Coast

Choose Dr Terrence Scamp for your eyebrow lift, or endoscopic brow surgery at our Marina Mirage practice on the Gold Coast.

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Brow Lift Surgery

A brow lift is a surgery performed on the eyebrows to address cosmetic concerns about the lowering of the eyebrows. Eyebrow lowering can be a result of natural ageing, which can push down the skin of the upper eyelids. An otoplasty, or eyebrow lift surgery, targets this issue according to the patient’s personal features and desires.

People may seek this procedure who wish to alter or reduce the appearance of creases on the forehead and frown lines. Speak to Dr Terrence Scamp on the Gold Coast about your aesthetic goals. He will advise a course of treatment that fits with the outcomes you wish to achieve. However, patients should note that the outcomes are never guaranteed and will vary according to their unique facial anatomy. As a result, you should ensure that you trust your surgeon and are aware of both the risks and benefits before making your choice.

Am I a good candidate for eyebrow lift surgery?

A brow lift is considered less invasive than other surgeries. It requires several small incisions into the scalp. Therefore, it can be suitable for many patients. The endoscope, inserted through the tiny incisions, allows Dr Terrence Scamp to see and work on the various internal structures of the forehead. Brow lift surgery normally lasts around one to two hours.

You and Dr Scamp will choose an eyebrow lift surgery technique during your consultation.

Your consultation with Dr Terrence Scamp

Before surgery, you must have a consultation at our Gold Coast clinic. This is where Dr Scamp will explain the surgical procedure, risks, recovery time and answer all of your questions. You can also gain a better idea of the expected results of eyebrow lift surgery and other facial surgeries we offer, including rhinoplasty and more.

During this consult, Dr Terrence Scamp will inquire about your medical needs. You must inform us about past surgeries, health conditions, and medications. You should also discuss your expectations for surgery and what you wish to achieve from eyebrow lift surgery.

Book your consultation with Dr Scamp on the Gold Coast to learn more about this procedure and whether you are suitable.

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Brow lift surgery cost in Gold Coast

Eyebrow lift surgery costs may vary for each patient. This is because each patient requires a unique surgical plan suited to their needs and desired results. Therefore, your initial appointment with Dr Scamp is a good time to discuss your potential surgical plan and the costs involved. You can also ask any questions about what is involved in the procedure and the costs of different treatment options.

We will consider a number of factors with regard to the costs of a brow lift. Firstly, costs must take into account the surgeon’s fee, which may vary according to his or her experience. Patients should know that a cheaper surgeon may not have the requisite skillset or training to uphold professional practices. Then, there are the hospital fees, anaesthetist fees, and the cost of aftercare.

Your brow lift plan details will determine the techniques, tools, and duration needed for surgery. And this, in turn, will play a part in fixing costs. For more details on the cost of eyebrow lift surgery, book a private meeting with Dr Scamp.

Brow lift procedure

A brow lift is a surgical procedure performed under a general anaesthetic. This helps the patient to be relaxed and comfortable throughout the procedure. One technique for performing an eyebrow lift requires an incision across the top of the scalp, beginning above your ears. The incision may be placed toward the middle of the scalp within your hair or at the front of the hairline.

Through this incision, your cosmetic plastic surgeon can modify or remove parts of the muscles that cause wrinkling or frown lines. In addition, he can remove any excess skin and alter the position of the eyebrows to suit the patient’s goals.

Once Dr Scamp has made the required changes, he will close the incisions. This is done with care for symmetry and the patient’s desired outcomes. However, patients should keep in mind that every surgery is different and results are not the same for everyone. The consultation process will allow patients to ask any questions or concerns they have about eyebrow lift surgery. We will also ensure you understand the risks before going ahead.

Brow liftrecovery

After surgery, you will have temporary puffiness and discolouration that may also involve your eyelid and cheek areas. This is normal and will subside within seven days. Due to the incisions, you may also have numbness and itchiness in your scalp. As well as this, some loss of hair around the scar region may be present. These side effects should diminish with some rest and downtime.

You should be able to wash your hair in a few days. Most patients can return to work and their daily routine within 10 days of surgery. Dr Terrence Scamp will provide you with further instructions for the recovery process

Eyebrow lift surgery risks and complications

As with any surgery, there are risks that come along with eyebrow lift surgery, such as bleeding, infection, and reactions to anaesthesia. There is also a risk of scarring, asymmetry, and poor outcomes. If you wish to reduce risks, speak to Dr Scamp about this during your consult. Generally, patients can reduce risks by following their surgeon’s advice and taking care during recovery.

It is important to know that although the poor outcomes and side effects are low, they may occur. You should discuss these risks with your surgeon and make an informed decision about whether this procedure is right for you.

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