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Motiva Breast Implants

Choose Dr Terrence Scamp for your breast augmentation surgery with Motiva breast implants at our beautiful Gold Coast Marina Mirage practice.

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If you have begun the planning stage of your breast augmentation mammoplasty, there are many things to consider. Your choice of breast implants can have a large impact on your overall surgery outcome. It will determine the shape, size, and feel of your post-surgery breasts. This means it is one of the important factors that you will discuss with Dr Terrence Scamp during your consult, and he will aid you in making a decision that helps you achieve your desired outcome.

Gold Coast breast surgeon, Dr Terrence Scamp, exclusively uses Motiva Breast Implants for his patients.

About Motiva Breast Implants

Motiva breast implants are made of medical-grade silicone and are designed to closely resemble the feel of natural breast tissue. They are ergonomic, and many patients prefer them over other brands of implants.

When a woman gets breast implants, she often desires for the implants to feel soft and to move in a similar way to natural breast tissue. This can make a big difference her the satisfaction with her surgical outcomes. For such patients, Motiva implants could be a good choice.

However, the softer feel of these implants does not negate the ability to achieve upper pole fullness. The implants can still achieve the patient’s desired shape, whilst at the same time, providing a gentle and soft outcome.

Motiva implants can also be a good option for women seeking a smaller augmentation mammoplasty.

Types of Implants

Like other implants, Motiva implants come in different shapes and sizes. When planning your surgery, you can discuss your preference with your surgeon. He can then help you pick a suitable option.

There are two main types of Motiva breast implants:

Round Motiva Implant

This type of implant aims to keep its round shape whilst still being soft and flexible. It is generally suitable for women who desire more fullness in the upper pole of the breasts and higher-looking projection.

Ergonomix Motiva Implant

Ergonomix comes from the term “ergonomic” which means it is made to imitate the human breast structure and to conform to the body. By imitating the feel of natural breasts, these implants are better able to adapt to the body’s movement.

Potential patients should note that although Motiva implants can be a great choice for many women, they may not be an option for everyone. Every woman is different, and what suits one person may not be best for another. Speak to Dr Terrence Scamp to find out if you are an eligible candidate for breast surgery.

Benefits of Motiva Implants

Motiva breast implants are made from a carefully designed gel substance. The silicone-based gel can both hold its shape and allow flexibility.

Motiva manufacturers are reported to uphold standards of sterilisation and the use of biocompatible materials.

The shell structure makes the implants more elastic, which means they can contort and elongate. This makes them both durable and elastic, allowing them to sit more comfortably in the chest.

Incision methods
Another benefit is that the surgeon can insert them through smaller incisions compared to implants that have a more static shape.

Motiva implants have a microsurface, meaning they are smooth and less likely to cause micro-injuries to the breast tissue. Its surface formulation also causes less rippling compared to other implant options.

Also, these implants have been shown to reduce (but not completely eliminate) the risk of complications. The risk of isues such as lymphoma are much slimmer.

Things to Consider

Although Motiva implants seem to mimic a natural breast, patients should be aware that implants cannot create perfect results. This means they will never feel exactly the same as natural breast tissue.

Additionally, all surgery involving implants comes with a level of risk. Although Motiva has a good safety profile compared to other implants, we do not guarantee results. Also, there will still be risks. It’s always a good idea to know what those risks are and to speak to your surgeon about your expectations. You can speak to Dr Scamp about the possible complications to ensure that your decision is well-informed.

Dr Scamp Only Uses Motiva Breast Implants

There are many things to think about when you’re getting ready to have breast surgery. Breast surgeon Dr Terrence Scamp on the Gold Coast is able to help you through each step of the way. He will adjust his approach based on your needs and suggest implants that may suit your desired outcomes for surgery.

Dr Scamp exclusively uses Motiva breast implants due to its benefits compared to other implant brand options. If you have further questions about the benefits, risks, and function of these implants, book a private consultation. Your consult appointment will allow Dr Scamp to assess your needs and desires and answer any question you may have. It will also be the first step towards planning your surgery.

Book your consultation to find out if you are a candidate for Motiva breast implants.